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Cindy posted
Cindy - Dada Life and a Compound stage?!?! My banana life has come full circle!!!

celestialbananafern That lineup tho!! 😱

Banana Terry Let's do it!!!!

letsgobananas Cool 😄

rebeccahayes 💛💙 I want to go

letsgobananas Is that at an actual zoo?

Cindy ^nah it's not at an actual zoo

Bananalyn ^^hyde!! Love the things you say! You always make me laugh! <3

letsgobananas ^the sad thing is im usually serious 😩

letsgobananas Now that I think about it, maybe loud music would aggravate the animals 🤔

Cindy There are lots of people dressed as animals running around tho so it feels like a zoo!

Bananalyn @hyde I knew you were being serious because of your oh response. Haha!! I know it's obvious by the name but I never related eZoo to an actual zoo 😂 I thought it was just a name...I've been really slow today 😅

Bananalyn Is there zoos in NY?

OC Even more reason to get my tickets earlier lol

Cindy @Rosalyn yes Central Park has a small zoo, and there are also one in Queens and one in the Bronx :)

letsgobananas That one from Madagascar!

djkaplan22 Ugh damn I move to Denver right before this : (

Cindy @hyde yes, the one from Madagascar!! I actually went last week to see the Penguins but it was closed lol

randomravedada Brooklyn or Ezoo 🤔. Haha see u at Ezoo

Bananalyn ^knew it! Haha actually, I think you are still gonna do both :p

randomravedada 💛🤔❤️

Batnana If only

haleeeySauce Aahhh shoulda done ezoooooo

Bananalyn I'm so happy! It's all bittter sweet!

letsgobananas I want to go and dress like a unicorn 🦄🍌😄

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