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Tickets, car camping passes, and stand alone tent camping passes are now on sale for THE VOYAGE, our biggest show ever!

The best way to experience The Voyage is to stay overnight and camp, theres lots of amazing activities planned including:
* Arts & Crafts
* Waterpark
* Scavenger Hunts
* Banana Tossing and Champagne Spraying Contests
* Silent Disco w/ two special guests ;) * More lasers than you can handle
* Smile masks for all * Massive exploding champagne bottles
* Pillow Fights * Two sets from us including a classic tracks only set! * Something special for the record books (more on that soon) * and a lot more

bananainvegas What's the difference between camping and a stand alone tent?

randomravedada Thanks for asking BIV - I'm still waiting to find out too. Called Ticketmaster and they could not answer, sent a email to Insominac- no reply. Called San Manuel and No one answers.

Bananalyn Stand alone tent is where you park your car at a designated area then you go to your tent camping spot. So you would have to walk back and forth if you need to get to your car. But with the car camping pass you get to have your car right next to while you set-up your tent. I'm pretty sure that's what that means. Haha

dadalifeandreas Can some one just kidnap me from sweden and just wake me up at the enterance of the voyage 😅

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