Dada Land


#tbt to winning our 2nd @guinnessworldrecords for the largest gathering of people dressed as fruit (🍌‘ s obviously). Citizens: Tag yourselves or your friends if you were there!!! 🎉🙌🏆. time to break another?

haleeeySauce So epic wish I was there 😘

bananainvegas I was crying in the back lol

rebeccahayes I was there

DCBanana Count me 🤚🏼

Naneki90 This was my first ever Dada show. I was awake for over 36hrs but it was the best! I just wish I had a suit back then but I fell in love with Dada Life since. 💛💙🍌🍾

Bananalyn There of course!!! 🍌

letsgobananas I see me! Lol jk

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