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Recreate a Rule of Dada

haleeeySauce posted
haleeeySauce - This is not the USA (imagine me yelling it) but I can still do bananarchy, right? You betta Belize it!

Bananalyn I'm belizing it!! Haha I love this so much!!! See you both in Dada Land!

haleeeySauce Can't wait to see you!!!!

NaniBananis Cool! 😁👍🏼

dianasmiles Happy youre having such a great time. !

rebeccahayes So great 😁

randomravedada Looks like u two had lots of fun

haleeeySauce We *had a great time! Unfortunately we are back at home and soon back to reality!

letsgobananas I wanna go there! It looks so beautiful

haleeeySauce It was veerrryy beautiful!! 😍

rebeccahayes Glad you had a blast. It is very beautiful there. Did you see the monkeys 🐒

Evenana So awesome!!😍

rebeccahayes I want to go back

Bananator Looks like you two had an awesome time!

haleeeySauce We saw monkeys, Becky, but I don't think the ones you're talking about.

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