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letsgobananas posted
letsgobananas - ART SHOULD BE LOUD AS FUCK regardless of ur medium or canvas ☺️

BananaAlexis YASS!!!!! 🍌🍾🍌🙌🙌💛💙💛

dianasmiles Great smile there!

haleeeySauce Yeeeesssssss

Bananator Wow! Good job on this!

NaniBananis Your make up is always awesome!! 💛💙💛💙

letsgobananas Thanks 🙂 I kinda messed up. It wasn't meant to be so dark. In certain lightings/angels it looked like I had a bruise on my face haha. Practice makes perfect! Hopefully next time it comes out how I picture it haha. It's just like when I paint, I picture one thing and another thing appears haha

dulrosana 👌🏼make up on point, teach me!

Bananator Play it safe and draw bananas on your face one time 😂😂😂

Bananalyn Love how loud your make-up is!! Definitely arrived beautiful!!

letsgobananas Left ugly too. I went a little too hard and it made my rubber band rip so I just had one ponytail lol

Naneki90 💙💛🍾🍌

bananah <3

bananah <3

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