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Welcome to Ranks! Certain things you do while using the app will earn points. Every time you earn a certain number of points, you'll move up in Ranks.

Your rank is viewable by everyone else who is using the app. You may also gain access to special offers and other perks as you ascend the Ranks.

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Dada Land Passport

A Dada Land passport will grant you the right to attend any Dada Life show, anywhere in the world and entirely free of charge, for life!

To obtain a Dada Land Passport you must first achieve the rank of Officer, then you'll have to run it by The Boss

Want to apply for the rank of Ambassador or higher? Achieve officer status then plead your case to THE BOSS by clicking here


Visitor 1,000 Points
Citizen 2,500 Points
Officer 7,500 Points
Ambassador 1,000,000 Points
Representative 5,000,000 Points
President 10,000,000 Points

Top Members

Stefan stefandadalife 10,011,825 points
Olle olledadalife 10,008,865 points
Image bananainvegas 7,397,370 points
Image randomravedada 6,544,355 points
Image rebeccahayes 6,479,405 points
Image vickyvick 6,278,505 points
Rsikoojpszq0jzp2vgjh?1462769816 BananaB 1,657,775 points
5bc96eb9 5a01 4fd5 a0b5 c55d8a528f79 6378 000004600f05d951 Bananalyn 1,620,025 points
Temp thesmallestragebanana 1,427,095 points
1501463726203 dianasmiles 1,400,565 points
Image bananarchyforus 1,050,555 points
9c45d54d 5a78 4558 b975 7c939f63f222 3872 000003694caa66d3 banantebananamovement 1,046,105 points
Temp pepelewoo 1,021,180 points
Image jesusgranados 1,013,745 points
75508d73 222c 4094 bd56 89584fd1c025 8806 000008f8f64327db letsgobananas 234,605 points
Dbecc1b3 1603 475a 9d13 118fd3892a20 4479 000003a33c60083d Evenana 193,915 points
55a1740f df87 44bb 9957 096716b017f3 18180 00000a5018ed0a62 Cindy 160,295 points
0ccca7a3 5653 4afa bd68 91c3e801ae89 14174 00000eadf5061191 haleeeySauce 158,885 points
Temp TheBlackBanana 95,565 points
Temp Bananator 94,675 points
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